Fleet Tracking

If you are in business then GPS fleet tracking devices can play an important role in running the most efficient business possible. The GPS vehicle tracking system can be used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping track of cargo that has been shipped and monitoring the activity of employees. It will also give you a vital insight into your drivers’ timings and behaviours enhance your health & safety and duty of care responsibilities to them and help you to improve customer service. The reporting enables you to:

•Monitor fuel usage and vehicle speeds including identifying harsh breaking and acceleration

•Reduce engine idling time

•Spot the difference between private and business usage

•Cross-check fuel receipts and timesheets

•Help your drivers manage their hours on the road and reduce overtime

•Always know the location of your vehicles (thanks to UK aerial photography and European street level mapping)

•Keep your customers up to date with drivers’ arrival times and know the minute a vehicle returns home or reaches the depot.