Parking Sensors

When it comes to parking sensors we only fit the best! Fitted from £150

Steelmate parking sensors are the state of the art incention for parking vehicles safely and easily. The utilise high tech ultrasonic sensors which are fitted in the rear or front bumper. The system is activated by reverse gear and indiacted by a brief tone. The system monitors the sidtance between your vehicle and obstacles with in its detection zone. The result is an incresed level of control while parking. As well as an audible warning Steelmate parking systems are available with visual aids.

Key Features of Steelmate parking systems:

  • Makes parking easy
  • Avoid damaging yours and others vehicles when parking
  • Protect your no claims bonus
  • Know how much space there is in fron or behind you
  • Provides safety for children, pets and pedestrians while parking
  • Quality guaranteed with Steelmates’s 3 year warranty*

*applies only to the original end user/customer of the product for so long as the original end user/customer owns the product. This limited warranty is not-transferable. . When registering for the additional warranty