Remote Start

Don’t catch a cold this winter! A Remote Start System allows you to warm up your car during cold winter mornings before you leave home.

  • Defrost your car from the comfort of your own home
  • Heat your car securely whilst the doors stay locked
  • save time & drive away safely in your warm car
  • Easy to use – just one button

Until now, the only choices for most car owners have been to either go though the unpleasant task of using a plastic scraper to remove ice or leave a vehicle with the engine running whilst it warms up. Neither is an ideal or appealig situation, especially when you consider that more that  6000 vehicles each year are stolen eah year during the wintter months that have been left unattended with the enjine running by unsuspecting motorists. Remote start technology now provies a helpful winter driving tool.

This not only enables owners to clear window of ice and warm up a vehicle in a secre manner from the comfort of their home, but also ensuresthat any planned journey is undertaken safely with our hacing to peer thourgh a frozen windscreen.The clifford remote start systems use a number of key fob solutions dependent on the exact requirements of the vehicle owner that each has a range of more that 600 metres. the key fobs offer a selection of options including the engine remore start, keyless unlocking whilst running,m rear window defrost, car finder and boot release. The remote start solutions integrate seamlessly with factory-fitted and aftermarket security systems as well as possessing a range of inbuilt safety features. Doors remain locked while the remote start is running and the system cannot operate when a vehicle is in gear making it impossible to be stolen. In fact, the solutions use unique interfacing technology to enable high levels of integration with almost all makes and models currently available in the marketplace. This simplifies the installation proess by utilising efective bypass and OEM interfacing, whilst offering a wider range of features.