After working  for James at Atlantic Sports Cars Luton for seven years until he closed in 2011, I  have converted over 700 + Ameriacn vehicles for SVA/IVA.  We are recognised to be one of the UK leading specialists in this field.  We carry out such work to a very high standard whilst trying to keep your vehicle’s appearance looking factory.

Please be aware that there are few companies in the U.K who have the knowledge and the experience to do this work correctly. Many companies are doing substandard work to get the car through the test on a budget and not for the longevity of the vehicle. Your problems could start weeks after the conversion is done or years later it just depends on how much extra load is being put unnecessarily on the lighting system. Buying a vehicle with substandard work will cost you a new smart junction box which controls your lighting system and the cost of an experienced company to re-wire your vehicle so the failure does not occur again. Substandard work could also lead to substantial damage due to the car being a fire hazard.