Vehicle Security Alarms

At DK CAS we install high quality vehicle security products to a wide range of different vehicles cars vans Light goods motor homes and caravans with leading brads which have tried and tested with manufactures guarantee, to
give you peace of mind.

Different levels of vehicle security alarm 

Thatcham Category 1: Electronic alarm & Immobiliser

The most comprehensive alarm & immobiliser which can be fitted to your vehicle which may qualify you to an insurance discount or may be requested by an insurance company before the vehicle can be insured for thief. This will be issued with an installation certificate.
Thatcham 1 is an alarm with perimeter detection, ignition detection, passenger compartment movement detection; audible warning with battery back-up power supply, immobiliser passively set isolates a minimum of two operating circuits.

Thatcham Cat 2-1: Electronic alarm upgrade

Working in tandem with the vehicles manufactures immobiliser, this will upgrade your vehicle from cat 2 to cat 1 status most UK registered vehicle after 2000 have a factory immobiliser.

Thatcham Cat 2 Electronic immobiliser

It is the minimum that insurance company may request for your vehicle which is passively set after the ignition is switched off, will isolates a minimum of two operating circuits or systems.

CanBus 2-1 Thatcham upgrade


This alarm designed for vehicle with Canbus wiring found on vehicle after 2002 for this to be compatible with your vehicle it must have a remote control with central locking please ask on app


Non Thatcham alarm will not qualify for any insurance discounts or approval however is still a security system which should not be underestimated these systems can give basic protection or can be customised to a high quality security system with added accessories.

After installation you will be given full demonstration exactly how to operate the system fitted with tips how to test the system to make sure its working correctly at all times.