Vehicle Tracking

We supply and install stolen vehicle tracking devices thatcham category 6 and category 5 for all types of vehicles which will assist in the safe recovery of your vehicle in the event of a theft. This is done through the tracking company’s safe operational control centre. The control centre is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year monitoring all movement of your vehicle.

Thatcham category 6 is the basic tracking system available and it notifies the control centre of an illegal movement of the vehicle and liaises with the vehicles owner and the police to enable recovery.

Thatcham category 5 was produced by Thatcham, police officers, insurers, police scientific development branch and the vehicle tracking industry. This system can help get your vehicle back after its theft in a few hours. It has been subjected to stringent testing by Thatcham for safety and effectiveness.Installation of a category 5 system should be carried out by a Thatcham recognised installer whom we can arrange for you. For more information you can visit